ТД Оскол | Конкурс

Ladies and gentlemen!

Great news: the trademark Lavio puts up a competition as part of an intensive marketing project for our pasta. So, you are genially invited to try your talents in the competition and advertising campaign. A delicious, wholesome and high-quality product will be brought closer to all connoisseurs.

To make Lavio more available to every pasta-fan, we will gladly rely on your assistance in developing the innovative ideas, design and promotion concepts.

Use your beautiful talents in the Lavio Promotion and Design Contest! You have a unique opportunity to win the 1st prize and gain USD 10,000 from the overall prize pool of USD 30,000. Together, we will be able to create an ideal Lavio image.

You can make up any possible design, campaign or any part of it exactly the way you see it.


  • Think of any fascinating ideas;
  • Develop the unusual poster and/or flyer layouts bearing the image of our product or Lavio logo, and/or package design;
  • Write a striking slogan or a few of them;
  • Draft the amazing clip scripts;
  • Draw the pioneering concepts of TV (or any other) campaign, or any part of it.

Fill in the participation form and send us your ideas in any free format!

All of your works will be reviewed. No bright or catchy idea or proposal will pass over unrewarded!

The contest will go on for a whole year!